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Quality Management

Quality Policy and Objective

We have secured standardized work systems in accordance with ISO9001 to realize customer satisfaction. We promise to satisfy our customers in terms of quality, delivery, and price based on the best quality management.

Quality Policy
  • Realizing customer satisfaction in quality, price, delivery, and service
  • Securing product reliability through continuous quality improvement and development
  • Contributing to society through the development and production of excellent products
  • Established and implemented the quality management system in accordance with international quality assurance standard KSA9001 / ISO9001

Quality Management System

We set and manage work process standards for each department for systematic quality management pursued by ISO 9001:2015, thus blocking defective factors in advance through quality analysis and improvement. Also, in order to satisfy customers' requirements, we dispatch our management personnel to outsourced partners to carry out their work, thereby securing stable product quality. In order to become a company that puts customer requirements first, we manage and operate with the goal of zero-defect production and customer-centered quality management through continuous improvement activities, measurement and analysis.

Process-based Quality Management System
Quality Management System

Quality Management

Customer satisfaction by establishing a system that can verify any product by possessing various measurement and test facilities including 3D coordinate measuring machines and gear testers

Self-inspection Quality System and Continuous Education System

We are doing our best in producing the highest quality through continuous quality control activities for quality improvement and customer satisfaction with a three-step self-inspection quality control system that leads to 'workers - site managers - quality control personnel' and the belief that “Products made with my own hands make the best quality.”
We are realizing customer satisfaction and securing the best quality by giving incentives and loyalty to our employees by rewarding them every month according to the performance of improvement activities.