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CEO Greetings

World Best HAISUNG

As a company with the world's best gear, reducer, gearbox and transmission manufacturing technology through continuous R&D and innovation,
we will become a successful partner of our customers with world-class products and customized services.

Thank you for visiting Haisung Aero-Robotics Co., Ltd.

In our daily life, we usually say that it fits together like gears when we see a well-established organization or group. This is because the gears are constantly moving forward by interlocking and bonding with each tooth so that all parts can run smoothly inside the machine.

Like the gears mentioned above, we are doing our best to become a company that is inwardly faithful to its original attitude, develops innovative technology above the level of advanced countries, and puts all our efforts into the new gear industry.

In spite of the many pains to grow into a mid-sized company, we have been making efforts based on trust and faith among our employees, and thanks to the support and trust of our customers, Haisung Aero-Robotics Co., Ltd. now is able to be developing and evolving further.

Haisung Aero-Robotics Co., Ltd.'s technological prower has already been certified by government agencies, domestic corporations, and leading overseas companies.

We will do our best to grow into the world's best company in manufacturing gear, reducer, medium-speed gear, and transmission products so that we can repay the trust and support of our customers.

Thank you.

Kunbok Lee and Jeonghoon Lee, CEO of Haisung Aero-Robotics Co., Ltd.